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No good can come of this. Which is also this. Only less bad can come of it all.


Gets me thru the bad...



The final fucking State of the Union Address tonight. I've cracked a bottle of red (& decanted it Toby) - & I will be curling up to watch it & yell obscenities. I hope things are better next year.

Updated: 9:26pm - I hate him. I just hate him & this is why I drink when I watch. I think that he should be punched really hard in the face. Like everyone on the planet who has been hurt by his policies should be allowed 1 punch. Just one each. Slowly. So that as time passes everytime he recovers from the wounds he gets randomly punched by others. Moral boundaries by 9:28pm. 29 mins in he invokes "not destroying human life" - & yet ignores the thousands we are killing every day. He has spent more time threatening & chastising congress than anything else. I hate him.

I hope it gets better. Please, it has to get better.

so very near our futures...

Lordie - got home to read this... All I'm gonna say is 2 words: Jennifer Government.


Bitchy Omnivore

Days like today I wonder if I shouldn't be writing a blog somewhere by that title. I love food. I'm not skinny. I am healthy however. I was watching some random tv on in the background show the other day - wherein they were about to slaughter & kill the pigs they were raising for food into food. I am not against it. I am all for it. Yum, farm-raised goodness. The big controversy within the family was eating an animal that they had come to know & love & see alive. I'm mean & hateful & off my rocker according to most. I think everyone should have that experience. EVERYONE should know exactly where their food comes from. Should know the faces of the animals they consume. The leaves of the plants they eat. To me it is important. I don't understand the idea of growing up & not knowing where the food comes from. Not knowing what it looked like or where on the animal it came from. I just wanted to get that out of my system.


Sci-Fi Marathon 2008

Yes, my very first year in attendance...
I'm tired so you're going to have to do the IMDB look ups yourselves. Though if you are really that unfamiliar with most of these movies - let me know & we'll arrange a movie night for you.

Friday, January 18th

Arrival in the early afternoon - too tired from work, I sat and zoned in the lobby til I had to move. Air mattresses were a stroke of genius & I curled up comfy all weekend on mine.

8:00pm Grindhouse: Planet Terror (2007)- love this movie - hearing so much of the audience respond to the goodness made me happy.

10:00pm Fahrenheit 451 (1966)- classic, perfect & reminds me why I have "Book-burning is worse than flag-burning" marked in OKC & shudder at the sheer #s of people who disagree.

Saturday, January 19th

12 midnight Omega Man (1971) - Replaced by Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)- I was most pleased with this despite the unexpected nature. Donald Sutherland is perfectly lovely throughout.

2:00am Surprise I - Ice Pirates (1984)- Pure comedic joi.

3:45am Fido (2006)- Billy Connelly as a Zombie, do I really need to say more?

5:30am The Walking Dead (1936)- I slept - I totally admit it, out like a light.

6:45am Sunshine (2007)- I tried to stay up for it, but I just couldn't. My dreams were totally worth it. Very twisted and interspersed with details from the film. I have moved it up on my queue so I will suffer thru it consciously, eventually.

8:45am Lifeforce (1985)- Patrick Stewart & breasts - but not breast on Patrick Stewart.

11:00am Young Frankenstein (1974)- YESYES FUNNYFUNNY

1:00pm Surprise II - The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)- A wonderful piece whenever it is on. I think it should be mandatory for children to study it.

2:45pm The Return of Dr. X (1939)- Lots of details about blood as blood was being explored. I kept thinking - wow, I'm working for the hospital where they did the first successful blood transfusion... freaking cool.

4:00pm 28 Days Later (2002)- The Dr would never give away the ladies.

6:00pm Surprise III - Shaun Of The Dead (2004)- Yippppppppppeeeeeeeeee!!!

8:00pm Black Sheep (2006)- Genetically engineered weresheep. Hysterical.

9:45pm Night of the Living Dead (1968) - replaced by Night of the Living Dead (1990)- Dear god it seemed to never end. & I begged for it to just end.

11:30pm V for Vendetta (2005)- The perfect ending to a wonderful weekend - the theatre was silent for most of it out of respect. The jeers were saved for the jerks and the cheers were for all that is corrected in the film that is still so wrong in the reallyreal world. Lovely.

Overall I had a wonderful time & thoroughly plan on doing it again next year. Only I'll be sporting a crockpot of meatballs for sammies, yum.


So, life...

I started the new job this week and it is interesting. I am not getting computer training for another week. That is to say NEXT Friday I will finally get trained, until then I am sitting doing filing – learning bits & pieces that don’t mean much until I can actually use them. I am not allowed to answer the phones – because I can’t schedule & by the time I get to scheduling it is going to be a problem. The schedule is jacked up. And my style of work is going to clash with the woman who has been doing the job. So cute there is fear as I cut her off at the pass even now. I’m doing my best to just absorb and relax, but there are so many inefficiencies. And I multi-task like a mad fiend. She does too, but is almost defeated in attitude. That is not to say that it is a bad thing, because there is so much going on right now and it is all her responsibility, too much for one person to be trying to keep a handle on. This is going to be interesting.

In other news:

Liz needs to have that pesky shadow on her liver biopsied – per her oncologist. She is about to have her EGD just to double check that all is going well w/ her stomach. Apparently it has grown and has more clearly defined edges – but he does not think it is cancer. So yay. The best-case scenario: it is really a shadow – er a discoloration – a trick of the eye & light, but totally harmless. I'm not considering the worst case right now.

A friend, a dear friend’s father has just pulled the cancer card. I don’t know what I’m allowed to talk about, but out of respect to her and hers I will be discussing it without using names. He had his first colonoscopy yesterday. He is 56 yrs old. They saw a “pretty big” polyp and were in the process of removing it when, as they were getting through the base realized that it was more complicated than that. They are going in next week to remove a section of his colon, typing, and staging it.

Oh the happy thoughts that we/they need.


I want to go...

please - to fly free...

Who knew???

87% Chris Dodd
84% Barack Obama
82% Joe Biden
80% John Edwards
80% Hillary Clinton
78% Bill Richardson
74% Dennis Kucinich
71% Mike Gravel
46% Rudy Giuliani
42% John McCain
32% Mitt Romney
31% Mike Huckabee
22% Ron Paul
22% Tom Tancredo
21% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz


Maybe I did...

We Didn't Start the Fire Quiz

Score: 100% (10 out of 10)

The Voice

The Voice woke me up about 20 mins ago to give me a very important message.

The Voice said Hello, I know you thought things were ok, but you were wrong. The Voice quieted my cries of disbelief by reminding me that it has never lied to me. The Voice let me know that I should know where to puke if I had to right the fuck now. I sorted it out in quick order there being a largish plastic hospital mug beside the bed. I put my hair up in a clip to get some more air on my neck. I sat up and slowly started to move in the general direction of the bathroom. The Voice started screaming that I was too late and before I made it through my study the warning retch came. The retch wherein my body tries to see if all systems are in working order for what it is about to do w/o my permission. I knew better than to stop moving and risk my study. As my foot passed the threshold into the bathroom the first wave of puke came upon me, luckily I caught it in my hand as I lurched over the toilet. There I stood suspended, locked in space as wave after wave came up and out of me.

Thank you Voice for letting me know the score. Once again you have saved me from projectile vomitting all over my bed and rooms, not to mention the cat which had settled itself onto my arm as I had slept. She is still asleep/purring loudly with her eyes closed in the same spot. You let me know in enough time to get to the bathroom. I just wish I would have run sooner. I wish you would start by telling me to run instead of to think.

I hope sleep returns quickly & you, the Voice, disappears for another year or so.



I actually got things accomplished. Some new camis for work - a cute pair of red flats for work - cuz heels everyday would kill me in short order - I do need to acquire arch supports for them as they offer nothing to make my feet happy. I ended up w/ an Aloha themed calender - my fault for having waited so late to acquire them.

I had lunch, normally this is not a thing of much note but today i enjoyed the Build Your Own Pasta @ the Macroni Grille and it was perfect: Linguine, grilled Chicken, sun dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, carmelized onions, in a delicious Asiago cheese sauce. So perfect. It simply made my day.

I'm excited about this being my last week of work for the current powers that be - of course only to be replaced by other powers that be, but I will be able to get more out of them.



Oh, Mr Todd....

Every time I see u, played always by my favorites: Ben Kingsley or Ray Winstone. Johnny Depp is not one of my faves, but does a great job. I have the same dark desires. Not the obvious cannibalism - though I am Catholic - so you'll have that. But to learn to use a straight razor. either on my own legs/axilla or on a gentleman's facial hair. I want to learn. I want the experience. I want to spend the time giving my significant other the closest most luxurious shave of his life. This when the peanut gallery chimes in & tells me that no one in their right mind would trust me w/ a blade that sharp to their throats. & I can only respond w/ the fact that my patients and my lovers have always put themselves in my hands every day.

I want it.


WARNING: It is 2008

It is 2008 - We are officially in a presidential election year. I am going to write about the shit that makes me crazy about this. I am going to write about it and sometimes forget to put in the links to some of the intel. Find them yourselves. I am flawed and human and so forth.

The update so far:

I hate Ron Paul - he is anti-Choice and therefore pro-hurting and diminishing the rights of women - fuck that. & doesn't "believe" in evolution.

I hate all of the Republican candidates - I think this goes without saying.

I hate all of the Democratic candidates - I think this also goes without saying.

That is where I stand. Of course I do not write in any attempt to make anyone agree with me. It is simply an expression of my views, and an ecstatic joi that no is stopping me from expressing.

There You, my friends, have been warned. So when I am ready to kill in September because I am so sick of political ads I am puking and ranting non-stop about simplemindedmotherfuckers that I am somehow not allowed to kill - there will be no complaining.