It was noted today by a friend turned coworker that she is having a hard time w/ the dissonance between my general attitude w/ life & my attitude @ work. "Where is the cynicism?"

I realized that I go out of my way at work to focus energy on the positive. There is so much out of my control, & I bitch about it, oh yes, I do, Hells I named a cocktail after one of my labs because they make me completely nutsy. BUT to my coworkers I try to just believe that issues will be handled. As I type this it strikes me why I am so positive @ work: It could be worse. It WAS worse, taking calls w/ nothing else to do all day was a nightmare. These days I finish my dailies & go begging for more work, I write up documentation & SOPs for myself & coworkers because we have none in place. It makes me a lil crazy but it could be worse.

Outside of work I trend to a realist view of the world around me. By & large I believe the world gets better one winter at a time but I know how bad it has gotten for me & I understand how very little is holding me from it getting bad again.