The Voice

The Voice woke me up about 20 mins ago to give me a very important message.

The Voice said Hello, I know you thought things were ok, but you were wrong. The Voice quieted my cries of disbelief by reminding me that it has never lied to me. The Voice let me know that I should know where to puke if I had to right the fuck now. I sorted it out in quick order there being a largish plastic hospital mug beside the bed. I put my hair up in a clip to get some more air on my neck. I sat up and slowly started to move in the general direction of the bathroom. The Voice started screaming that I was too late and before I made it through my study the warning retch came. The retch wherein my body tries to see if all systems are in working order for what it is about to do w/o my permission. I knew better than to stop moving and risk my study. As my foot passed the threshold into the bathroom the first wave of puke came upon me, luckily I caught it in my hand as I lurched over the toilet. There I stood suspended, locked in space as wave after wave came up and out of me.

Thank you Voice for letting me know the score. Once again you have saved me from projectile vomitting all over my bed and rooms, not to mention the cat which had settled itself onto my arm as I had slept. She is still asleep/purring loudly with her eyes closed in the same spot. You let me know in enough time to get to the bathroom. I just wish I would have run sooner. I wish you would start by telling me to run instead of to think.

I hope sleep returns quickly & you, the Voice, disappears for another year or so.

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