Why do they kill everything I love...

Kitchen Sink is going away, and it is a fucking travesty. I am not pleased. I truly loved this magazine and there aren't many that I can say that about.


Let the shunning begin...

Just watch it - seriously.

Oh my god I love Nevin


Last random bachelor of the year...

Or the first of 2007?

Just had a 2 hour conversation with him. And I think I might like him, a little. Just makes me smile that there is still a guy on the planet who can get past the first 5 memorized sentences to have a conversation of depth. Still no one to kisson New Year's eve though. Sad that.

as to the Coop art - just having one of those days - thank goodness for Darvocet.



My sister is doing very well. She is not going to be on any chemo (it is a long story, but definitely for the best since the drug of choice has not been proven to actually prevent anything yet, and she has only a 40% chance of any GIST recurrence). They also mentioned that she has a growth on her adrenal gland: an incidentaloma - for real that is what the great and almighty medical community calls it. Once I found out how insignificant that is - I still can't stop laughing. She is going to see an oncologist who specializes in endocrinology. Just to be sure. Other than that she looks like a princess in her wedding dress, breathtaking. And she is eating, and she looks better, and she dropped like 2 sizes. I'm just happy she is in one piece.


10 years ago today...

Carl Sagan shuffled off this mortal coil. The world has been touched and all the better for his life. He is the kind of awe inspiring figure I thought of when I used to consider the ideals and ideas I presented to the children in my charge. I sit here excited to go homehome tomorrow to stare at the stars in the country, all the more thankful for he influences that still linger.

If you really have no idea what I am talking about get off your bum and google him and start reading.


I think I'm w/ her...

Oh yeah, definitely...


New best thing ever...

Dark chocolate covered cinnamon Altoids

I'm in love.

I must find more of them - Jules (the greatest human ever) turned me on to them after dinner (Le Oui Oui Cafe) last night.

If ANYONE finds the ginger version of this amazingly wonderful bits - LET ME KNOW.

She acquired them at Wal-Mart (I can't bring myself to go there) - I must find somewhere else to acquire them for myself.




Yes, the Christmas shopping is officially finished. The End. For this year anyway.


Nuther pic of Morrigan

How freakin precious


Fer Real...

There is nothing hotter than a man who starts his Personals ad out with "GO BUCKS", "GO BROWNS", or some other unrelated such shiite.



And now this

There are 3 bachelors in the runnings, 1 I met last wknd - quite enjoyable, I certainly liked him (not saying to marry/fuck/spend the rest of my life with, but like maybe nonetheless), Other one I ended up not being able to get together with last wknd - still waiting to reschedule prolly this week/end, and the third is a random over the phone so far which I can't say anything about 2ยบ to the fact that his profile is magickally unavailable to look at - leads to a lot of 1 sidedness - grrrrrrr. Anyway - maybe I'll end up w/ someone to kiss on New Year's - that'd be nice, very nice. Then again - I would really just like to make out with someone I am attracted to. mmmmmm kissing. That sounds really niiice.

Liz is stable, the babies and mommies are grand.

More fey porn should be arriving this week (mmmm Laurell K Hamilton's latest Merry Gentry novel)

My work schedule has altered slightly - now 8am starts across the board.

I am breathing if only for a moment - I can't wait to get home for the holiday.

And then there is the sweet smell and taste of vanilla from cow dung - Oh Hell Yes!!!


Holy shit the ride actually stopped...

Liz's cancer is the better kind - we just got the results today.

There were 2 separate primary tumors. and neither metastasized, and everything else looks clean, and the oncologist says they got it all and she'll prolly be on chemo for the next year (oral) and should be all good.

Jesus Holy Fucking Christ

I am so fucking relieved.


Pulling into the station, the ride still moving

So home to me means safe. Not necessarily healthy, but safe. Liz was discharged today and for the first time since Thanksgiving morning she has no tubes, needles, wires attached to or in her in any way. It just felt so good to hear her at home and bitching about how cold mom keeps the house.

She is not out of the woods - we are still waiting on type and staging of the tumors, but for a second, it doesn't fill me with as much fear.


My 2 blood nieces...

How unspeakably precious are they...


And I'm and Auntie again

Chris called: Brenda had Morrigan Amethyst at about 1amish 12/1/2006.

I am so excited to meet her.


I'm an aunt again

Mandy & Reese

I can't believe she is finally here.

No significant change in Liz's condition.