Oh the talent of my friends

How cool is Trae for creating this gorgeous Victorian lady? Especially in the depths of the crap snow...


Dubai updates...

How it happens in Dubai.

The Truth About Dubai has posted a critical update on the status of (Diz) Cat Le-Huy, my good friend and the boyfriend of Coilhouse co-editor Mil Von:

Cat Le-Huy as of the 22nd of February remains in Al Wathba Prison… Currently the decision rests with the Dubai Chief Prosecutor as to whether to charge him or drop the case entirely. It is almost like a pre-trial and the legal fees for this are are expected to be in the vicinity of £50,000. We have raised half this amount already thanks to your donations, and are now making an appeal for people to keep donating to reach the full amount. We have been advised that there is a 90% chance this case will be closed if we can raise the financial assistance in a timely manner.

Cat’s close friends and family have already given up everything that they could, and even his company, Endemol, has made a donation (though he was not there on business). That’s how we raised the first half of the legal fees. But now we need help from you guys. Please donate to the Cat Le-Huy Legal Fund to save Cat.

You don’t need PayPal to use the link below, just a check or credit card. No amount is too small. Please circulate the donation link to as many people as possible. Thank you!


just freakin cool

I love these... Lisa Black is just amazing to me.


I'm gonna be an aunt again... My middle sister is pregnant w/ a wonderful new niece or nephew to join our family - I can hardly wait.

I want one for my birth control pills

Is that wrong? - It is just too damned cute - lil fetus heads for candy dispensers...


This was too cool to ignore...


another eclipse alone

Le sigh...


I have blonde hairs in my head

for the first time since childhood

the Roman Lupercalia is today & I am so happy.

If u know not of which I speak - go practice your GoogleFu and sort it out.

I'm just doing ok. Stil sleeping alone though...


I hate Ohio

Bloody 2 hour drive home from Beachwood.



My heart is here
And I love it
Memories of previous posts about it & therefore links to where I got it. rocks & Nanopod is an awesome seller.




Dogma anyone?

I love that Kevin Smith took care of explaining this one, plenary indulgences & all so I don't have to.

Ah life...


Dubai updates...

Here. Grrrrrrrrr.