WARNING: It is 2008

It is 2008 - We are officially in a presidential election year. I am going to write about the shit that makes me crazy about this. I am going to write about it and sometimes forget to put in the links to some of the intel. Find them yourselves. I am flawed and human and so forth.

The update so far:

I hate Ron Paul - he is anti-Choice and therefore pro-hurting and diminishing the rights of women - fuck that. & doesn't "believe" in evolution.

I hate all of the Republican candidates - I think this goes without saying.

I hate all of the Democratic candidates - I think this also goes without saying.

That is where I stand. Of course I do not write in any attempt to make anyone agree with me. It is simply an expression of my views, and an ecstatic joi that no is stopping me from expressing.

There You, my friends, have been warned. So when I am ready to kill in September because I am so sick of political ads I am puking and ranting non-stop about simplemindedmotherfuckers that I am somehow not allowed to kill - there will be no complaining.


Nevin said...

Why do you hate Kucinich?

Jezcabelle said...

Because I am unhappy that he hasn't played enough of the political game to be a viable candidate for Prez.

Just pisses me off that he is one of the few w/ ideas/platforms that I can support. & there is no viable path to get him in office.

Catzia said...

I so totally agree. I love Dennis. I mean, how could I *not* love a vegan candidate, really? :) But yes... if you're going to run for President (in multiple election years) and you actually hope to win, you do have to play the game. Most people don't even know he exists. And I'd venture to say that most people who know he exists think of him as "soft." And nobody will ever gain the Presidency with a reputation for being soft. No matter how much good it would do the world.

Nevin said...

What would you have him do? "Playing the political game" would involve yelling about the terrorists, taking plenty of corporate contributions, pandering to special interests... basically, he couldn't become a "viable" candidate from the mainstream's point of view without losing everything that makes him a good candidate.

He is doing what he can to change the debate. It may not be working too well, but he's doing more than I am. I respect him for it.

Also, admittedly, he is not a good politician. Maybe a more politically-savvy version of him could pull a solid 8% or so in the polls... That means that I might drop him if a more-electable decent human being existed, but when my only choices are evil politicians or good unelectable people, I have to stick with the good people.

Jezcabelle said...

I respect him - but it still makes me nuts. Maybe the UFO thing, maybe the being so far off the mainstream that he feels alien to them. The next step needs to have his ideas/ideals but not be so damned alienating which i know is in the mind of the public not reality. As he is accessible. Please don't mistake my discontent w/ disrespect. I hate them all with varying degrees of hatred. They are not all equally hated.

Nevin said...

Ok, I can understand that. I definitely sympathize with being frustrated/disappointed/underwhelmed with Kucinich. I was just questioning why you would say you "hate" him in the same context as hating people like Clinton and Guiliani.

So I see where you're coming from. Unfortunately, I think that anyone who has his idea(l)s is going to seem just as alienating -- it certainly isn't his personality. (Ok, maybe it's his looks to an extent. Still, no one who was against the Iraq war in 2002 is taken seriously today.)