Well well well

after several false starts I have updates:
I. I am working @ the same place, sched shifted putting me in from 0800-1630
A. I am doing much more work & have many more responsibilities.
B. Of course, the compensation does not equal the responsibility.
II. I've been seeing a boi
A. The relationship has no intention of heading to marriage, long life together, etc...
1. Currently described as
a. "Everything but"
b. "least insignificant significant other"
B. Regardless he is a delight & I am really enjoying this interesting start to what promises to
be a lifetime friendship.
1. DO NOT let me accept anything less than that in the future.
a. I do not understand how I survived this year being a "secret"
i. totally my bad, I allowed it to happen, but it is like awakening from a dream.
D. I must comment that his most recent ex girlfriend has become a friend
1. Seriously after that whole psycho ex-wife to contend with, I am a touch gunshy
2. She is even wonderful knowing I do not want to sleep with her
a. I really think that was half of the psycho's issue: rejection.
III. I am selling necklaces
A. so far so good, commissioned pieces, the buyers are happy
B. I am desperately trying to get inventory together, but I keep selling off pieces as I finish.
1. I've had an offer to carry my pieces at a gallery/shop on consignment, I want to send some
over but I have to make them first.
IV. I still love my household
A. Everyone is growing & becoming & I love that too.
V. The cuddlesharks are wonderful & loving.
VI. Emotionally:
A. I am right on the verge of almost too frantic, like I'm in a hurry to get things done,
I rush & rush until life's no fun,
All I really gotta do is live & die,
But I'm in a hurry & don't know why
B. If you are singing right now - know that
1. I love you
2. we need to spend time in the moonlight
a. w/ some whiskey & sweet potato pie, shut my mouth.
C. I am sad when I have cause & happy when I need, I wait for no man's pleasure.
1. Yeah, it feels good to be centered & focused again.
2. The compass in my head has not found North yet but it will.
D. I really really really miss my biological family. Like seriously
E. I miss my extended friends old & new like crazy - i want you all piled in my bed for a nap.
VII. Physically - I'm worried
A. I need to see the doc soon I am waaaay overdue for a checkup
1. my breasts are tender, worrisome lumps, fingers crossed against mammograms
a. let me just skip straight to the ultrasound, please.
B. med costs are a concern & GOD BLESS CANADA.
VIII. Spiritually
A. I am craving ritual
B. craving community
C. I haven't decided what to do about that
1. the last people I joined in prayer have since decided to take a liar's word over mine.
a. there is no holding against them, but I prefer as much truth as possible
IX. I have random rants & epiphanies in the wings, just not done yet.