I am following up on the job leads that you have given me - thank you so much.

I will be moving into the FTS Compound (oh our lil commune in the making).

I will be moving the most/emptying the old apt the wknd before RR - so that I will be settled in before RR - I think that is most beneficial to all involved.

I will post details of times/dates of movements of items to storage/FTS as soon as I can sort them out. I appreciate all offers of assistance & will be taking you up on them. I am not requesting that you forgo your own lives/projects to help. I can let you know that I will be out of town Labor Day wknd as planned before all this & then the bulk of the move must take place after the 14th. so the wknd in between I will need help packing & cleaning.

This is all really sudden & still scary for me.

Thank you for the love & support.


I saw the doc today...

I am healthy per the doc - she was amazed at the weight I've lost & how low my blood pressure is & how good I look. Since March I have dropped around 30 lbs, I've taken 7 inches off my waist. My blood pressure has gone from an alltime high of 164/100 to a snazzy 114/68 - which is pretty darn sexe in my book. These were added bonuses - the reason for the visit was to refill my sched IV narcotics (YAY). I am feeling better than last week - I'm still processing last week & promise an update as soon as I can put it all into words. I no longer feel like I am about to start sobbing at any moment. The stress has been a lot to handle & I feel better after good sleep & touching a body this weekend. I still feel touch starved - i just need a giant puppy pile of people to sleep in & MAYBE I'll start to feel sated.


Angry & Hurt

But I am a vindictive bitch in the long run. I won't cause the destruction of the people who hurt me. That would be wrong. I will remember & enjoy it when they fall.