Lucky in my mouth

Seriously, I am sitting here - watching Hell's Kitchen, the challenge is to combine 2 cuisines to create a fusion dish. As I watched the chefs struggle, misunderstand the options, the ingredients, the flavor profiles... I realized how lucky I am. I eat & by golly I've eaten well. All fat jokes aside. I recognize Spanish from Thai from Italian from Mexican from Greek, etc... I am sooo lucky to know so many wonderful flavors. Course last weekend's Vietnamese (Minh Anh's Lemongrass Chicken...drool) Friday followed by on Saturday jerk chicken & coconut rice & then the Greek yogurt w/ fresh raspberries & thin coconut cookies. YUM. I'm happy & so very happy I have wonderful friends to share it with. Soon there will be a new kitchen & space to play w/ homemade sourdough bread & all the winter slow cooker delights. I miss roasting off chickens to eat off of all week...

Sooo umm thanks.