Good golly gee whillikers

This sounds familiar, only I am trying for a partial hysterectomy to take care of the endometriosis issues and of course the polycystic ovary. woohoo. Can't wait til I am old enough to get off of the pill and get on with my life sans uterus.

Until then:

"I exist to serve..."

How many times in my youth did I say that, repeating it over and over again. How many times did I mean it? Hip deep in a service weekend, volunteering to assist others in need. How many early mornings and cold showers did we endure to make sure that the little old ladies or the poorer families in the community were taken care? In college I continued the same path, Habitat for Humanity, Lucas County AIDS Taskforce, David’s House, continuing to assist with the Dept of Catholic Youth and School Services. I did toy drives for foster kids with one of my ex’s. Even up until last fall I was working for a non-profit, certainly not for the pay, but for helping my patients. I am about to start training this fall to volunteer at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center for hotline work and then face to face advocacy. It will eat my time outside of work, but it should fulfill the need I have to give back something/somewhere to the other. That is to say other than myself.

On the flipside of that coin, I also find myself in positions at work, all of my workplaces, where I become “Girl Friday”. I fill every gap, and need. I am a massage therapist who treats patients that no one else in the office will touch, whether it is moving the esophagus out of the way and treating Longus Colli or using Muscle Energy Techniques to correct innonimate rotations. I also answer 99% of the “tech” questions and problems that arise in the offices I work in. I simply have an excellent understanding of what we are asking the computers to do and what we need to do or information we need to give it to get the answers we want. IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. It is shocking every time I have to explain to someone how to use Outlook. Center managers making 3x what I make hourly + an extra week and a half vacation every year, I have to explain how to understand the reports they are supposed to fill out and how to save things to their computer. My duties are supposed to consist of aiding with the treatment of patients, and even that is limited to 1 patient per hour. Well, that is what I am being compensated for. I am not compensated extra every time I see more patients than that. I am not compensated for running extra reports, for teaching and training people how to use new and old pieces of software, for juggling 7 patients at a time. I am not compensated for everytime I juggle my own patients while providing manual treatments to someone else’s patients, because they don’t feel “up to it” or “like doing it” today.

I don’t know how to do less than I am capable of. I don’t know how to find the right job/schooling to take full advantage of my abilities and potential. I don’t know where I need to be right now in life and in work. I fall into the extra work because “I exist to serve”. This haunts my subconscious mind to this day. I do things because they need doing, it is very hard for me to actually hold out because I am not being compensated for the work that I do and the responsibilities that need to be shouldered.

I want a man like that...

When I am old, I want a man like this lying beside me on my death bed. He fucking rocks. Please note the 93 year old man was beaten with at least 50 individual blows and he still recovered in enough time to shoot the fucking robber.

I want it.

I really really want it. Just to have all to myself. I can't wait for the price to drop. (singing gently) "Happy To ME Day...Happy To ME Day"




Least the fucker is going to jail.


For Liz, stay golden biiiiiiotch....

Your Score: Sophia

95! Goldenness All Day Long

Imagine it - Ottoville 1989... -- You know everything. The All-Knowing Sophia Petrillo. You may embellish from time to time but - who cares. Everyone listens to you and everyone respects you. You are OK in my book.

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OK, I just wanted to share that with anyone who was interested & wanted to chat.


Let's just say I am satisfied w/ the ending.



Who fucking new...

Your Score: Quentin Tarantino

Your film will be 42% romantic, 33% comedy, 55% complex plot, and a $ 39 million budget.

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I have seen every movie in this test.

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I am a LOLcat too....

21% Affectionate, 62% Excitable, 28% Hungry

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Teenagers & Sex

Oooooooooh such a naughty subject....

OK so "abstinence education" might not be the answer... No shit

Perhaps we could raise our children to make choices.... To consider the pros and cons of actions and of course the CONSEQUENCES of actions and make responsible decisions from there. That is to say we should HOLD THEM RESPONSIBLE for their actions, not just treat them like they are too immature to make decisions and too mature for us to control their decisions. We should give them all the knowledge that we possibly can and let them decide what to do from there.


What the fuck?

Seriously: Did you read this?!?

Name me one person who can read this & not think it is bad, very bad...


Defining "clusterfuck" part II

OK so today my job has sent me to another center, yet again. I am to run the desk - not a complicated problem, or so one would think - so the new system apparently won't let me log into separate facilities - I CANNOT JUST WALK IN AND HAVE ACCESS TO THE NEW SYSTEM LIKE I DO TO THE REST OF THE NETWORK... I instead have to fill out a form and hope that in doing so I am not screwing myself out of what access I have to other things...



Am I still Catholic if I think Benedict XVI is full of shit?

I swear that man has done pissed me off for the last time. Go read for yourself, explore him, his ideas/ideals from his words. Then for equality's sake read up on John Paul II, the only other Pope in my lifetime and see why I am so freaking hateful about this fucking mess he has made.


Defining "clusterfuck"...

I spent 12 years of my formal schooling (grades 1-12) sitting in classrooms, being bored. I got good at it. My grades sucked because I despised homework, and thought the tests were beneath me. They were in short an insult to my intelligence to regurgitate the same bullshit I had been spoonfed constantly back onto the pages. I had already digested the information and integrated it into myself. I absorbed more than I can say in those years. I pick things up quickly. I am bright. I have a 2 year degree. A sad assed lil associates degree in massage therapy. I am licensed by the state of Ohio's medical board to provide therapeutic massage to patients.

I was bored today. We are switching over to a new "paperless" electronic system. The primary clinician training was today. I did my best to make sure I was sitting with a clinician who is bright and knew the score. This was not just because she knew what the system was all about - as she had used it before, but because she is bright too. She was not prone to crying out,"My arrow turned into an hourglass, what do I do?!?!?" I do not have words to express my frustration at having to explain how to use a system I have never touched before to people who know less about computers than the average housewife. That is not to say that there wasn't a trainer there, he was doing a great job. Then again - everyday I spend more and more time fixing the IS problems of my offices. FEH!!!

More to come as this develops...


I am at work -

I am blogging from work - I am bored out of my skull
there is nothing left to do - well nothing to do but the closing things which will take me less than 15 mins to set up adn do which is nothing on the 2 hrs that I have left here. 2 more freaking hours at an office that isn't mine, behind a desk I hate being behind waiting for the damned clock to run out. I HATE THIS - just in case you missed it. It is not the end of the world - I know this, it is not even the worst case scenario. I just hate it. I am subbing in for LongTall Kate - who has secured a new job (YAY!!!) - I am so happy for her. On the other hand, and oh yes there is always another hand, I am sitting here with nothing to do but wait. I have played Zuma on my phone to the 2 battery bar line. I am bored of playing Freecell. So here I am complaining to anyone who will listen - there are no headset jacks and my neck is sore. I am ready to fall asleep any minute now if the phone would stop ringing - I can't call any insurance verifications 2ยบ to the insurance lines being closed. my wrists hurt from the shitty set up for the desk. I HATE THIS PLACE.

Just thought I'd let you know.