The final fucking State of the Union Address tonight. I've cracked a bottle of red (& decanted it Toby) - & I will be curling up to watch it & yell obscenities. I hope things are better next year.

Updated: 9:26pm - I hate him. I just hate him & this is why I drink when I watch. I think that he should be punched really hard in the face. Like everyone on the planet who has been hurt by his policies should be allowed 1 punch. Just one each. Slowly. So that as time passes everytime he recovers from the wounds he gets randomly punched by others. Moral boundaries by 9:28pm. 29 mins in he invokes "not destroying human life" - & yet ignores the thousands we are killing every day. He has spent more time threatening & chastising congress than anything else. I hate him.

I hope it gets better. Please, it has to get better.

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Anonymous said...

Two punches for me please. I have two arms; I get two punches. If you have one arm, you get a punch and a kick. If he sent you to Iraq to kill brown people for oil and you came back without arms and legs, your family gets to doll out your punches.

Seems fair to me.