I heart flypaper

I don't know what it is about the cleaning I've been doing - maybe having the doors open too much - maybe my upstairs neighbor is evil and sent them to me. I don't know. I have had flies, big black - not the fruit variety flies buzzing about my apt. The only smells are the ones of disinfectant. Only for the last week or so - w/ ample food available by eating off the cat's food and litterbox they have survived. Today i picked up some flypaper - I hung it in my living room - I had spied 2 flies in here earlier - and within not even 30 mins - it had caught 3 flies. I moved it to the kichen (by the catfood) and it caught 2 more in less than 10 mins - I just hung it in the bathroom (near the litterbox) - and we'll see - so far the other rooms look flyfree. I am soooo happy. No chemicals, little mess, and no more flies - ahhhh. I just thought I'd share this is the best thing that has happened all day. Seriously - that flypaper did it's very limited job and actually worked - is the BEST thing that has happened so far.

And yes, Toby - after midnight I will be watching the wonderful Dr Who and enjoying it officially tomorrow - cause today was so bad I don't want the good Dr associated with it.

Mini Me...

There she is, the perfect "me" from 10 yrs ago, only now. She will be 18 in 36 days... And I can't wait to see where this takes us. She is one of my best friends, my faux daughter, my false niece, my real second cousin, and one of the lights of my life. She is why I get up many mornings, and the last happy thought in my brain as I fall asleep. I love her you see. Oodles, noodles, noodles, noodles, and lots. Having her in my life is like someone plucked a star out of the heavens, wrapped it in tissue paper, and put it in St Louis, yesyes a million miles away from me. So she has the added bonus of escaping my hand everytime I want to bash at her for her rude lil mouth or actions. But she loses out on my cooking of glop. Eh, her loss.



God/ess, please, Let my crazy crazy mood shifts be because of the birth control pills. I am on "the Pill" - for real, me, on the pill. This is of course in a (again goddess grant me) not-so vain attempt to control the apparently rampant endometriosis in my innards. This is the step before going in and cutting out the cells - yay surgery. So anyway - back to the story - last week: My very first week on the pale blue pills I spent being angry. I mean ANGRY, full of rage, not funny rage.... But really real hardcore, I'm about to tear this motherfucker up and no one is gonna stop me rage. I was soooo angry at everything, not traffic cause they were in my way angry, but FUCK YOU ALL, I'LL KILL YOU WHERE YOU STAND. I took lots of deep breathes, LOTS of meditation. And I made it. This week - on the dark blue pills, I am crying, at everything: commercials, Nip/Tuck, OZ, patients' stories, pictures in my apt, how much I love my family and friends, my cat, loneliness, frustration....everything. I hate it. I hate not being in better control of things. I hope this will all turn out to be worth it. And everything is good. I'm gonna grad a box of tissues, and get ready for er. Good or not I'll be crying tonight. Just bare with me as my body adjusts. Or get ready to buy me flowers for after the surgery. - though I will prolly prefer Starbucks Caramel Cappucino Ice Cream (mmmmmm Caramelly)


Fuck the cable company

In the eye. I got cable (YIPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!) I was so happy. Everything was beautiful. I was setting up the programs I wanted to record. I was enjoying programs I normally couldn't watch. Shiny.

Until less than 36 hrs after the install the DVR decided to no longer work properly. Since this device doubles as the overall converter I was annoyed, but then, this might be a common problem, and listed in a troubleshooting guide somewhere. The materials they gave me were chock full of self configuration models so clearly this should be something they would provide materials to address. NOPE. no dice. I tried unplugging everything, resetting it, powering up according to their instructions. No dice. I checked online for support (funny the internet connection (also cable) still working perfectly) - there is none, not really. The is FAQs, there is online chat for internet problems/support (which is bloody retarded if your internet connection is the problem). And it took 5 mins to get a phone number to call to talk to tech support. I called it. 20 mins on hold later it disconnected me. I tried again: 27 mins on hold later it disconnected me. I'm in the midst of trying a 3rd time. and I am 10 mins into the hold time. By the time I do talk to a rep I will prolly be a little foaming at the mouth ready to kill. & mostly that is brought on my the little hold muzak from hell and the fact that every 30 secs or so a little voice cuts in and says things like "thank you for holding a representative will be with you soon" and "thank you for holding, we are lookign forward to talking to you soon, please hold the line and we will be right with you" and "Thank you for holding the next available operator will be speaking to you shortly, this call may be recorded for train purposes". And each time these little voices (all different - 2 different chicks and a guy) come on the line - it blanks for a sec, like someone is picking up.


At 18 mins into the hold time a very nice young lady named Amy picked up. I explained the situation. I explained the hold times and being disconnected. I was kind and polite. She tried to suss out what had happened. She tried to help, and sent some signals to the box (so apparently I was still showing up on their grid (which she couldn't seem to get that I understood the difference tween showing up and a reading on their end saying I was disconnected)). She had me unplug the box for 10 mins and then (without her on the line of course) plug it back in and see if it reboots. She couldn't understand when I tried to tell her that having a technician come out to fix it this week was damned near pointless 2ยบ to the fact that I am at work the whenever appts are available. So I have a guy scheduled to come out on Monday morning - I am hoping maybe I could leave work really quick and come home and deal w/ it and go back to work. or I'm gonna have to RS to Tuesday afternoon - or I'm gonna start stalking the guys where they hang out at the park not even a 5 mins walk from my house - I see the vans there every day. She also apologized like a dozen times for the experience. Then it clicked - she had to be like the only operator there all alone. She had to have seen the hold times and disconnected me by hand each time. I did the same thing when I worked at an ans service, when the times were too long and I knew the caller would be pissed if you disconnected them they would call back in and you could answer them right away and blame it on the system. Hell yes I'm calling in to complain on Monday morning. Hell yes they are getting a good raking over the white hot coals of my rage. And now my 10 mins are up - time to try again. She actually tried to tell me that the DVR is "like a computer - you have to give it time to reboot" - no shit Sherlock, ya think? I just the thought the hard drive in there was for show.



"Let's be real - you're pushing thirty..."

Uh huh - guess who had the balls to say that to me? - the "I'm gonna be 18 in 53 days" lil wench who happens to be 574.06 miles away right now and so she is safe starting statements like that. She thinks she will not provoke me into beating her ass. That just because we happen to be related it will somehow save her from being sent out into the cold to cut herself a switch, and then beaten with it. Just because she is young and my favorite of her generation and we have a strange mother-daughter like relationship - it will stay my hand - she is wrong and one of these nights I will sneak out to her house (a mere 9hrs 10mins away) and scare the hell out of her. Maybe I'll just jump out screaming "STABBYSTABBYSTABBYSTABBYFUCKINGSTABBY STABBYSTABBYSTABBY FUCKING STABBY!!!"

OK I feel better. Just plotting her demise (really ways to scare her and make her scream) makes me feeeeeeeel better.

PS She was justifying why she will never have kids - "cause she is just like me, and hell I'm almost thirty and no kids or hubby..."

birthday pt 1

Apparently I am a pretty pretty princess mean drunk. At least my friends now have photographic proof.


Best moment today...

I am watching the Simpsons season premiere. It is a Fat Tony episode so lots of mob-luv. Not only is there Metallica, but when Fat Tony is driving the kids in a carpool, they played some Alabama 3 (A3 in the US) "Woke up this Morning". I am in bliss. Joi of all jois.


They say

It's my birthday. I've been around now for almost 30 years - more musings later after the booze. On the other hand yesterday would have been my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary. 33 years. My father died about a week and a half before their 30th anniversary. Mom sounds good. It is just one of those days. It was hard not to remember them together. Not that I haven't seen my mom alone in the last 3 years, but in my head they are inseperable. They were like 2 teenagers in love, going steady right up until he died. I guess I'm trying to express that I'm not as young as I used to be, and if I am lucky enough to find myself in a relationship like my parents' relationship - I will be truly blessed. Conversely I really think I sleep alone most night because I am still looking for that, and nothing else will suffice. I had strange dreams last night about the guy I was seeing last summer, and a guy I knew in highschool. Very strange. Not luveydovey dreams - just complicated - cause mine always are.

On that note we (large mass of my wonderful friends) will be at Johnny Mangos tonight for a b-day celebration/luv for me. I am so pleased everyone in my crazed world - well at least some of them - can meet. And a random bachelor has decided to drop by. Dunno how that is going to go, but he insisted. I warned him that I prolly wouldn't be looking for him, or have any extra time to spend w/ him since I really want to see and spend time with my friends. Right now I am cleaning and just feeling the love and getting lost in the memories. Last year it was Tim, Laurie, Jared, Jeff, Shawn in Paia, Maui, Hawaii at a bar down the block from Laurie's place, and shots of Patron. This year should be interesting. I'll be the one in the flowery girlie shirt.


So, he's dead...

Steve Irwin has finally died. And it couldn't be more tragic, more of a freak accident. He got stung by a stingray. Couldn't be a snakebite, shark bite, head smashed while wrestling a croc... Nope, couldn't even just be the poison from the stingray coarsing thru his veins. The barb pierced his heart. PIERCED HIS HEART. Whether the blade be poisoned or not getting stabbed in the heart usually does one in for good. The news is making it waaay more sensational than it should be. A great man is dead. He worked his whole life in the names of environmentalism and conservation of our natural resources, not just the cuddly ones. Although he always brought the laughter, I feel far more gratitude and respect for him. My heart breaks for his remaining wife and 2 children. The only consolation I can find is that he lived as he died, fearless, educating, and moving ever forward.