So, life...

I started the new job this week and it is interesting. I am not getting computer training for another week. That is to say NEXT Friday I will finally get trained, until then I am sitting doing filing – learning bits & pieces that don’t mean much until I can actually use them. I am not allowed to answer the phones – because I can’t schedule & by the time I get to scheduling it is going to be a problem. The schedule is jacked up. And my style of work is going to clash with the woman who has been doing the job. So cute there is fear as I cut her off at the pass even now. I’m doing my best to just absorb and relax, but there are so many inefficiencies. And I multi-task like a mad fiend. She does too, but is almost defeated in attitude. That is not to say that it is a bad thing, because there is so much going on right now and it is all her responsibility, too much for one person to be trying to keep a handle on. This is going to be interesting.

In other news:

Liz needs to have that pesky shadow on her liver biopsied – per her oncologist. She is about to have her EGD just to double check that all is going well w/ her stomach. Apparently it has grown and has more clearly defined edges – but he does not think it is cancer. So yay. The best-case scenario: it is really a shadow – er a discoloration – a trick of the eye & light, but totally harmless. I'm not considering the worst case right now.

A friend, a dear friend’s father has just pulled the cancer card. I don’t know what I’m allowed to talk about, but out of respect to her and hers I will be discussing it without using names. He had his first colonoscopy yesterday. He is 56 yrs old. They saw a “pretty big” polyp and were in the process of removing it when, as they were getting through the base realized that it was more complicated than that. They are going in next week to remove a section of his colon, typing, and staging it.

Oh the happy thoughts that we/they need.

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Miss you and thinking of you.