Oh, Mr Todd....

Every time I see u, played always by my favorites: Ben Kingsley or Ray Winstone. Johnny Depp is not one of my faves, but does a great job. I have the same dark desires. Not the obvious cannibalism - though I am Catholic - so you'll have that. But to learn to use a straight razor. either on my own legs/axilla or on a gentleman's facial hair. I want to learn. I want the experience. I want to spend the time giving my significant other the closest most luxurious shave of his life. This when the peanut gallery chimes in & tells me that no one in their right mind would trust me w/ a blade that sharp to their throats. & I can only respond w/ the fact that my patients and my lovers have always put themselves in my hands every day.

I want it.


Indychick said...

Of all the people I have ever known in my life, and of my closest friends, I would take you with a straight razor over anyone else.
Did I mention how much I love my new computer? I actually watched a video clip online today!!!

Jezcabelle said...

FREAKIN AWESOME - I'm so happy for you.