Dirty little secrets

I haven't shaved my legs in almost 2 months.

I miss falling asleep to a heartbeat that isn't mine.

I feel like I was whored out by my employer today to schmooz some docs and their ofc workers because I was cornered into providing FREE 5 mins massages for them. It made me feel like a stripper sitting with the business men at my feet; only she is better paid than I was.

I'm cold and I can't seem to get warm tonight.

I'm afraid that my old cat is forcing my new cat to spend all his time hiding from her.

This weekend I was unceremoniously "dumped" for no reason by the guy I've been "dating" for less than 2 months.
I had my phone reset before he tore out of his parking spot in front of my building.
I was happy that I wouldn't ever again have to ask him not to sit on my pillow.
Or ever again hear about how much he hates cats as he would sit petting them.

If you can put 3 and 4 together and get 12, you know the other aspect of my dirty little secret.
Congrats. I'm giggling, and I hope you are too.

Tell me

When does the mask come off?


Ahhhh life

So I am going on March 30th to get my innards looked at. The EGD and Colonoscopy are scheduled for 8am. I have to be there by 730am. And since the guy who held my hand and said, "Sure, I can take you." Officially backed out like a coward tonight, I am looking for takers. I'm sure I can talk my cousin (cause he loves me and cares about me) into it. BUT I would prefer a friend who might be willing to tolerate hanging out w/ me all druggie and messed up in recovery, who won't be grossed out by the procedures or the fact that I want copies of the pics they take. AND I found out I can't have a DVD copy of it just the pics. And of course drive me home and tuck me into bed. If you are close enough I could use some cuddling so I am more than willing to allow the other empty half of my bed for sleeping on the 29th, and for tucking/sleeping on the 30th. I am a lil antsy, but I get to take the pill prep instead of the loooooong drawn out drinkings.



On my driving

I think the best description was from Joe yesterday: "You drive like a drunken monkey who has just escaped from a government lab where they were testing ways to kill motorists...I'm no longer afraid of your driving, just in awe of it and the fact that you haven't been killed yet."

It still makes me giggle and dance around like a drunken monkey...


Happy Wolf Sex Day!!!

Go read here if u are unaware. I was enlightened years ago by my then heartthrob Cevan. His birthday is on 2/15 (Happy B-Day Cevan - I'm happy you are alive).

I am snowed in today and I will not be writing tomorrow so here we are early and all. I feel a lil lost waiting for the lil kittens to find me. I bought red roses yesterday for myself (cause they were super cheap and I couldn't resist). I'll be waiting for Saturday night to enjoy some booze at home here.

The snow was chest high in my parking lot and thigh high tween the drive and the street. With 5+ hours of shoveling I managed to get down it and back into the parking spot w/ the car and said "screw it". My boss was more than cool and I am working Fri and Sat to help them out and make up the hours for myself.

As I sit here I w/ good drugs in my system, Biofreeze working on my now aching muscles and trying to figure out how early I have to be up to get to Westlake tomorrow morning I am so very very happy I got groceries yesterday. MMMMmmmmm fresh bread and chocolate for tonight. There was a beautifully done episode of Red Shoe Diaries: The Cake about a girl in a frosting dress and tonight is a night I wish I was her. Oh and not alone.


For those of you keeping score...

Still not one word in further idle threats or a paycheck from my previous Friday job (Center For Integrated Therapies). It is just sad that my ex-patients are the ones who really lost out.


Oh yeah...

Oh my Ira and Rebecca, Oh how much I miss u still, I spend all my days without you, wishing hard that you were here.
No matter how much time that we spend there is always more to know. I am getting another kittie his name is DeFranco. He is a big fat Siamese w/ blue crossed eyes and possibly one of the cutest cats in the world.

We will talk soon I have no doubts, but until that time is here - know that I miss you, though u're not gone forever like the Clementine in the song in my head right now.


I bought art -> like a grown-up

I spent the evening here with Jules. We both bought pieces of art mine is "Cupid". She bought "Mary Medicine". I am so excited we will be getting them on our hot little walls at the end of the month. I love Chris's work so much.

Ok, I want one too - so send away

My Valentinr - jezcabelle
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Apparently I'll have friends there

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