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You scored 79% Moral Imperatives and 44% Attitude!

You are extremely moral absolutist.

While you unwaveringly follow a strict moral code, you often fail to demonstrate the empathy needed to make a moral decision. You find institutional forms of order unsatisfactory and oppressive and believe that your uncompromisng standpoint somehow exempts you from accusations of wrong-doing.

While some might respect your individual and steadfast perspective, be prepared for the possibility that the practical majority might find your black and white moral code unnacceptable.

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This is so where I am today


Oh the wildlife at work

we have Wild Turkeys!!! not just bosses who make me wish for Wild Turkey & deer, deer everywhere.  Also a cardinal, blue jays, raccoons, bunnies, at least 1 hawk to keep at the squirrels,  & a couple of geese in residence.  I actually dig this part of my day.


ok for the record possible tmiwtf

I've been bleeding for 3 weeks - seriously - & now that I am "supposed" to be bleeding I am clean - cramping less & yet blargh...

Just thought I'd share.



Mmmmmm additional Katamari note: I am now craving naan naanaanaan naanaan naan naan naanaan naan naanaan naan mmmm What time does the Indian buffet open today?



I found a Katamari game for my phone.  Ahhhh after defeating the other puzzle games I've acquired it brings me joi to resume rollin w/ the Prince.  I love lil things that make me happy.


I'm caught up for the moment - things may alter as I come off the meds but really this is the perfect time for me to be screwing with the coding. If you have issues (are unable to read, etc...) the new layout - hustle me & if I love you enough I might change it.


Blood drawn- phlebotomist was awesome.
The wait at the lab was 45 mins because of the skeleton crew & the nice lady taking my info chicken pecked the keyboard.
I went for groceries - relatively easy til I pulled away realizing that I forgot Cheese - cannot make eggs/sharp cheddar/baconsalt w/o cheese.  So I ran over to the ghetto market on the corner & found some sour cherry juice from somewhere in eastern europe for cheap - yum.  I have food cooking in oven (I'm no longer in the mood for breakfast).  & I am about the take meds & after food I will shower & nap.  I've been up every few hours thru the night.  Frankenovary screaming at me.  This morning I managed to do everything without doubling over in pain or killing anyone.  My pillow looks really good right now.

Happy Pi Day!!!

Seriously I don't want to get out of bed.


OK - I deal with it

I fucking hate needles!!!
I have to get like 5 tubes drawn (a ridiculous amount in my humble opinion) for some tests for a program I'm starting next week.  I gear up  - OK I work in Lyndhurst on Friday, 5 mins from the lab @ Beachwood - simple - work til noon, stop in - do the draw & get on w/ a wknd of meds & crawling from shower to bed.  OH NOOOOOO - I look at the orders to see if there is anything that I can compare the new ones to that I've already had done recently.  & poof - guess what? as I was wrapping myself into my 2nd 3rd of my morning coffee - I have to be fasting for the blood draw because they want glucose levels.  ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH - I have to get to the lab in Lakewood before noon/after 0700 tomorrow & be free of meds to drive there & back.  & still have to deal w/ needles - I don't think I've had a draw @ Lakewood - I hope they are awesome.  Or I'm going to go back to my Dr's ofc - because the phlebotomist there rocks.  

Right now meds are taken & i'm waiting for the painfree to arrive.


The Plague

Illness- & by that I mean the black death has been alive & well in my household this week.  Fever spiking to 103 (that I recorded).  puking, pooing, nothing in my system for 3 days.  This was tolerable.  The problem is/was the Seasonique - the dirty little pills running my ovaries; I'm bleeding/cramping - have been for 2 wks - which means this is the 3rd week of cramping which by the way - next week, ahem, NEXT WEEK is when I am scheduled to bleed.  Sooo kiddies who have been paying attention; What does Jessica need when she is cramping & bleeding? Those of you who said Prescription Narcotics get a gold star.  BUT wait if I can't keep food in my system or most fluids or my regular meds what makes you think I was able to keep the "good stuff" down?  I couldn't.  I didn't know if I was sweating & shaking from the pain or from the fever.  I was a mess.  The fever finally broke yesterday & I was able to keep down yogurt & babyfood smooshed peaches - & sweet blessed drugs.  home from work tonight they are finally kicking in again.  

While ill i did not need a visiting nurse service to come take care of me but rather a "Dial-a-boifriend" or something similar - I wanted someone who knew me & my apt & where everything is & could just step in & take care of me, cook for me, cool rag for my head, & who gets along w/ the cats, etc... I think that would be awesome.  Or "Dial-a-girlfriend" I'm not picky I just wanted to feel cared for.  On the other hand I have to say I could have kissed my direct report when she walked in & saw me today - her first words were "I could kiss you" - we need eachother to make the ofc run smoothly - I missed my coworkers & it felt good to feel the love today when they dropped by to check on me & offer soup & to run for tea, etc...



At what point does this sink in & stop being "news" at what point does this finally crack thru & do people realize that not every soldier is a bloodthirsty powerhungry rapist in and of himself? At what point do we step in & stop the government sanctioned rapes?

How is this new? Who finds this to be informative? to find the information something new?!?!?!

This is not new news. This is a crime against humanity - every rape is. from the date raped teenager; to the American soldier raped by her comrades in Iraq, to the wife raped by her husband, to the rape of women all over the world as just another step in the genocide of a people.

The intentions might very well differ slightly - the soldier being ordered to rape, the teenage boi who thinks that "this is just how women like it", the husband who thinks it is his right to sex when & how he wants it. I'd love to have a clue why an American soldier would rape a female in his unit while in the sandbox but I honestly don't know - I've only ever talked to the survivors; aside from the culture of rape that the military so happily provides I have no idea. & yes this comes across as if I have a BIG issue with this & I do - I've seen too many lives ruined by it. Too many women destroyed by these actions & those are only women who sought help, not the ones who keep silent out of fear.

This just empties me of words. Rape is a military tactic that works so much better than a nuclear bomb. It destroys the people while leaving the land intact & usable. It has the power to destroy generations and cultures and societies like no other weapon on earth. It has the power to make a woman abandon her child. It has the power to make a mother kill her daughters rather than let it happen to them; for men to kill their families rather than let it happen to them.

In the interview he discusses that his penis wouldn't come erect for him to actually penetrate anyone - but seriously that only saved his victims from the tissue damage of penetration, from the possibility of impregnation - it didn't save their minds; it didn't stop them from dying inside, from fearing every man they see, from fearing every touch, it didn't save them the trauma of the assault. It just saved his life. I hope his life was worth saving. I hope he makes it worth saving.

Just keep in mind this is from a woman who thinks rapists should be hunted down & beaten in the street, their half-dead bodies left rotting on pikes outside of towns as a reminder that it will not be tolerated. Harboring a rapist should be met also with punishment. lopping off an arm above the elbow & a leg above the knee - Hell I'd let the convicted choose which parts - the parts also hung outside the city along the highways & byways. Maybe I'm a lil bloody. I'm not in Congress for a reason. I'm not trying to legislate these beliefs. I just think the world would be a better place if it worked that way. & since Watchmen is so fresh on my mind - I must confess this is the area that I hold Rorschach-like convictions. There is no compromise with me on it.

It is sad that the cop stopped her. It would have been better if she had an accident. As it is her offspring live to dumb down the genepool.

Fuck you

There is horrible & by that I mean a 9 year old girl - ahem, NINE YEAR OLD GIRL, raped by her stepfather since she was as young as six, ahem RAPED SINCE SHE WAS SIX YEARS OLD.  & then there is more horrible - she was found to be pregnant after complaining of stomach pains.  Just so we are clear here: A NINE YEAR OLD GIRL RAPED BY HER STEPFATHER IS PREGNANT WITH TWINS.  The child's body cannot carry the babies to term.  The child's going to die if the pregnancy is not terminated.  She meets the restrictions required to have an abortion in the country she lives in, there is not a single part of this that is ok.  It is a horrifying terrible situation.


FUCKING HELL.  You make me embarrassed to call myself Catholic.  You make my stomach turn.  You accept men as bishops who deny the Holocaust even happened & you excommunicate a woman saving her daughter's life, you give $$$ to prevent the civil union of men & women who love eachother because you believe that accepting their love means you have to accept that they have sex.  I was raised better than that.  FUCK YOU CATHOLIC CHURCH.  YOU DID A SHITTY JOB TRYING TO REPLACE JPII - LET'S KILL THIS FUCKER OFF & START OVER.  START OVER BASING THE CHURCH ON LOVE.


Apprentice - Celebrity Edition

Yep I actually feel tied to it.  Scott Hamilton is playing for the Taussig Cancer Center - that would be the Cancer Center & the Cleveland Clinic - it would be awesome to treat more people & get further in research because of Trump's cash.

Who's comin with me?

I am not working on Friday - This does mean that I am working on Saturday.

I know, I know, hush you nerdling hordes - it might not be perfect - Moore's relationship with it guarantees it won't be - BUT I am still very interested in seeing it.  

I love the graphic novel
I even love Alex McDowell's production design

So Yeah, who wants to join me? - I'll even bring my flask...


I like this:

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

As in I like the visual aide- I don't dig the situation.

I'm good with the suicide

Seriously - I am.  Life is pain & terrible & you are dying & you'd like to go out on your terms I'm OK with that.  Leave them alone.  Legalize assisted suicides.