Bitchy Omnivore

Days like today I wonder if I shouldn't be writing a blog somewhere by that title. I love food. I'm not skinny. I am healthy however. I was watching some random tv on in the background show the other day - wherein they were about to slaughter & kill the pigs they were raising for food into food. I am not against it. I am all for it. Yum, farm-raised goodness. The big controversy within the family was eating an animal that they had come to know & love & see alive. I'm mean & hateful & off my rocker according to most. I think everyone should have that experience. EVERYONE should know exactly where their food comes from. Should know the faces of the animals they consume. The leaves of the plants they eat. To me it is important. I don't understand the idea of growing up & not knowing where the food comes from. Not knowing what it looked like or where on the animal it came from. I just wanted to get that out of my system.

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