So I was just digging thru the magical tubes & found out by slip of the finger on Flickr that a guy I loved & shared part of my life with had battled cancer between now & when I last went poking around looking for him. I grew and healed immeasurably thru the course of that relationship & my heart instantly went out to him. I hope he is well today & continuing on the path of remission or recovery. Last time I saw him online he was happy in a relationship with a woman who looked a lot like me in the pics. I was so happy he had found someone better suited to him than I. I'm writing this here because I know him & he would not appreciate contact from me. I just want him to be safe & healthy & happy.

This is the part where if you don't know me that well you start yelling at me to "get over him" - I assure you I am. We aren't together. I haven't poured any energy into him since we parted, I just realized that I would want to attend his funeral if he died, I still feel the need to honor the friendship we had. But a soft place in my heart does not equal love or lust or any other makings of a relationship.

Noodle goil for my rubba boi. Much love, just much love.

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