walked on fire last night.  Literally.  It was not mind-blowing, it was not the be it & end all of my inner demons.  I'm at home w/ my demons.  I think the thing is that I never thought that walking on fire was something that I couldn't do.  There was the usual run through of events (walking on glass, bending rebar with pressure from the throat, breaking light arrows with the throat).  I'm a little ambivalent.  I loved that I did it w/ Rebecca & Ira.  I wouldn't have ti any other way.  & officially: Kerry & Kate, Parker, Chris & Brenda (AT A MINIMUM) should all come out here & do it next year - since it is an annual event.  Only $25 and you get a tshirt.  & of course the opportunity to walk on fire/hot coals.  I loved the energy of the event.  It was nice.  again not the end of the world, nor the beginning of a new world - unless of course you consider that every moment is a new beginning.  & yes the fire was real, & yes the coals were hot, & no it didn't hurt, it was perfectly fine, & yes I'd do it again & again & again & again.


rebecca said...

This is a great summary of the experience. It was wonderful to see other people having transformative experiences, always a joy to witness that. The energy was great too. There is a thrill that comes with doing something off the beaten path.

I'm glad to have shared the experience with you. You are such a delight and I love dearly. Thank you!!


Catzia said...

Congrats dear heart! I'm so glad that you were able to do this... maybe next time, I'll join in. :)