What's with it?

Waking up in the middle of the night puking?

OK not the MIDDLE of the night - but I did fall asleep (a fitful falling - I might add) at around 2215.  I promptly awoke at 2330 & puked into the cup by my bed.  Just a little - I think I managed to bathe my esophagus with enough acid that i am still tasting it w/ each cough.  I then proceeded to go to the bathroom to gargle some water & cool the back of my neck - I was soaked w/ sweat - & puked until i was left dry heaving wrapped around the toilet.  & now, NOW, I feel fine - still warmish & uncomfortable but fine.  I've been eating a few ice cubes to water down what's left in my throat & ease things.  My shenanigans have totally disrupted DiFranco who had been perched over me on the body pillow - I think I'm going to have to take my temp.  Maybe I'll skate out of work early tomorrow - I'm freakin tired yet but I don't know why my body decided to wake up & wretch like this.  My upper back had stopped hurting today - like no soreness whatsoever - all traces of hemorrhaging from the latest gua sha treatment last Thursday are gone, Right now my abs hurt from the heaving, my throat is raw, my low back and hips feel like someone took a hammer to them & my head is aching.  & I just thought - hey, I'll pop some ibuprofen & go to sleep - like hell my tummy just responded.  none for me.

What the fuck, that's all I'm saying.

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