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compassion fatigue.

Seriously, Because overall our culture has no record of desensitizing the youth.

If you know me you are thinking to yourself, "hmm, ummm, Jess, didn't you play a horrific practical joke on one of your friends when you were younger?" & yes, I did take part in something like that. I found out about friends' deaths while I was in highschool - It was a nightmare. I remember sitting in class terrifying myself as daydreams passed before my eyes.

I went to a very small school - we've been over that. I grew up in a village where the local grocery would routinely have the excess pumpkins taken in the fall by students who would throw them at the upper maths teacher's house. 1 upper maths teacher for the entire highschool, personally I liked her (i like math). All I'm trying to express is that if I were one of those kids - I would be making it my mission to fuck w/ the teachers & administrators who did it until I left town. Seriously, cat food in their car vents & household AC, motor oil on their windshield & house windows for that matter, eggs all over every inch of their lives until they crack, slice their tires - constantly, sidewall punctures, I'd carry a Ginzu steak knife with me for that purpose. I'm not joking. & that is after I spit in their face when I found out the truth. & I read the arguments in favor of what happened, I'm just saying that not every kid needs to experience that.

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