I've been

cranky & out of my head & forgetting things & I figured out why this morning.  I remember dates, not always in enough time to plot for them but I do remember, eventually - I remember that Saturday the 14th of May is the day I cut open my leg when i was a kid - 26 stitches in my inner thigh.  This week & last as Friday the 13th came closer I knew that was important for something...  Friday the 13th of June  Why is that important?  I remembered this morning & Jules (thank goddess) is in town this weekend for Fatherless Day.  Which falls on June 15th.  My dad's birthday.  He would have been 59 tomorrow.  This August it will have been 5 years since he died & I still don't know how I live in a world without him in it.  Instead I get to remember the years that his birthday fell on Father's Day & the times we spent together.  Jules & I will be brunching & drinking & going to see a movie w/ cute men (Robert Downey Jr or Ed Norton) wherein things explode & thought is not necessary.  

I hate Fatherless Day - I just miss my dad.

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Jules said...

We will drink and watch pretty boys blow things up. We will survive just like we do every year. We will not like it one bit, but we will carry on.