Not my favorite pic but I was happy when it was taken.  About a year ago it was taken.  I was with Kerry (in love with him - well I loved him, he was feeding me a packet of lies about his feelings for me as it turned out) & in pain (physically) & at the company picnic (a company I didn't know to hate at the time).  

I was up this morning before the sun -watching it rise through the trees was perfect - I came home from work & have been puttering about.  It is storming right now, so hard the winds & rain that the smell of wet wood is being driven through my apt.  I love it.  I just came back in from dancing in it - I'm soaked it was like dancing in a giant shower w/ thunder.  I'm in a skirt, at some point there will be a pic of me in this skirt.  I am so happy.

Happy Summer Solstice.  Thus far the longest day of the year has been wonderful - beautiful sunrise, perfect weather - gorgeous storm.  & I know when sunset comes it will be beautiful too.  right now I just get the blue green storming sky.  

Love for you when we reach this shortest night - I'll be here alone - wishing I had company when the candles burn out.

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