How fucked up are we?

Fetus in porto potty?

& that was totally unrelated to the next story.


I don't care if it is "one of God's creations" the girl didn't have any respect for her body, or touch with it if she could go 9 months without realizing she was pregnant & her classmates & her parents - where the hell was everyone & the idea that she stuffed toilet paper in it's mouth & drowned it in the toilet tops it off - send the girl for severe counseling & make her work in an orphanage well supervised for the next 20 years - hold her responsible for every bruise on the kids she is in charge of. & take her parents & put them in jail for neglect - their neglect of this girl led directly to the death of this infant. & the teachers should all lose their jobs. for 1 not teaching sex ed & 2 for not paying attention to the students. Someone should have noticed enough to talk to eachother, to the principal, school nurse, call the girl's parents - something. But then I'm from a small town. I think in class sizes of 48 total in the entire grade. I expect more. I expect better for the youth & I expect better for our future.

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