Here comes the jackass...

Asshole delayed 40,000 people today.  & we wonder why people in other countries hate us.  I'd hate them if their leader fucked up my day like that.  83 fucking flights cancelled - which is one thing to look at but as all of you my loyal minions know if you fuck up one flight every flight after that is fucked up - wherever those people are supposed to go, wherever the plane is supposed to go, whoever is waiting to take the next leg of their journey, you've just screwed them all.  FUCKING RIDICULOUS.  THIS IS WHY WE HAVE THE BASTARD LAND AT MILITARY BASES.  & IMAGINE THE FUCKING SECURITY CONCERNS - WHY BOTHER WITH THIS BULLSHIT UNLESS SOMEONE WAS GOING TO KILL THE FUCKER IN THE MIDST OF IT?

Why? just to piss people off & increase the xenophobia & hatred of americans.  Unless of course enough of the military are sick of it & are more of a security concern - in my head is a relentless rerun of the moment Spider Jerusalem approached the Secret Service to find out that they were all not being paid enough to protect the pres in Transmet.

& I know in my heart of hearts that that is a bit far out there - seriously.  BUT I NEEDED TO YELL!!!

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