Yes I'm home

On another Saturday night, cuz I ain't got nobody, I've got some money cuz I just got paid, How I wish I had someone to talk to - I'm in an awful way.....

So I grabbed a book, found some pleasant music - mostly ending up w/ a repeat of "Where is my Mind" the Storm Large remake.  & drifting in & out while soaking in the tub.  I've now resumed my spot in bed, the cuddlesharks parted to let me in.  my skin is soft & smells like chamomile.  I'm trying to sort something lovely to put on the tv - THANK YOU, oh dearest one who fulfilled my wish for the first season of Pushing Daisies - I might just have throw that in.  Mmmm or I have Boarding Gate sitting here - all I remember is that Asia Argento is in it & that is hard to resist.  Either way there may be popcorn & some concoction featuring vanilla Absolut.  Mmmmm twisted pumpkin pie martini - Van. Absolut, Caramel Baileys, Kahlua, just a touch of Gold Schlager.  Mmmmmmmm.  Very Autumnal treat.  The house is around 55ish right now.  Under 50 outside.  & lovely in my bed.  

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