Chili in crockpot, leftovers in my tummy, VapoRub on my feet - wrapped in plastic & tucked into soft huge socks - letting them soften & kill of whatever weirdness is causing them to be all dry & offputting.  I like my feet soft & clean.  Obi is circling looking to lick the VapoRub away - she likes the stuff, strange cuddleshark.  I'm going in to work at a sane hour tomorrow.  I have freshly laundered love on my bed.  I'll be adding the sub-zero rated sleeping bag open beneath me by the wknd.  Though truly I'm looking forward to having a human teddy bear for at least a night (joi).  Though on the supreme moment of joi - I just found people who not only know the definition of echolalia, but can use it in a sentence & bastardize it appropriately into a screenname.  It's like when someone sees my OKC profile & knows what the word apophenic means - roughly even.  

The munchkin was voting her absentee ballot today: I'm so proud that I almost cried.  

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