Dear goodness

I am tired, read exhausted, work is stress right now - patients being nutsier, like a giant vise around the office getting tighter & tighter.  Between the internals of the people, the pending move, the patients being crazy about all of it, & I mean crazy - I was yelled at - YELLED AT today by 3 different patients, somehow it is my fault that I can't magically make appointments generate out of thin air.  I hate the madness & I'm going to bed early again.  


Anonymous said...

so sorry. *lots of hugs and snuggles*

George said...


Indychick said...

HUGE HUGS!! BTW my new Buffalo Wild Wings store opened in Downtown Indy on Sunday. Whew! It has been 5 years since I have pulled 90 hours in one week, and I was much younger then. The Bonus?? Monday began the Annual FFA (Future Farmers of America, for all of you readers that may be unaware) convention. 27,000 teenagers from all over the nation packed into downtown in their cute navy blue jackets. There are so many kids they actually close 2 major streets just to give them a place to walk from the Dome to the Fieldhouse. It is refreshing to be able to go to your blog & see that my friend is just as mentally & physically exhausted as I. I empathize completely sister, and I feel your pain.

P.S.--Obama rally was downtown today too