On Mudslinging

I'm a voting member of the American populous & I do not watch political ads. I change the channel, I FFWD through them, I leave the room. I do not watch even the ads for the candidate that I like. I just don't. I'd say that I watch the news, but I don't. I use the internet to keep up on things because it allows me instant access to the facts. One guy smears the other: I can go look at the voting record, the transcript of the entire interview, I can jump over to the AP fact checker & see the whole story about either candidate. It really disappoints me that there must be someone out there who responds to the ads positively. We keep getting them after all. WE KEEP PAYING FOR THEM!!! Kind of like McDonalds I don't like them, I don't pay for them. Same w/ Walmart - I do the most American thing I can: I don't give them my money.

I think it would have been hilarious if either presidential or any other candidates up for election right now had offered up their campaign fund to donate to the bailout of the American middleclass - just think of how much money is changing hands right now, what if say in one of the senate races one of the candidates handed over the campaign money to save the houses of the bottom 10% earners in their state - w/ their houses in foreclosure. Americans maintaining their homes, able to move forward w/o a yoke of debt around their necks - the banks paid off. Everyone wins. of course there are those who would be against taking the charity - fine, the money goes to the next in line. & there are those in the 11% and up who would be unhappy that they just didn't qualify - well it should help the banks so there is money flowing & perhaps they get an extra year to get payments under control. That is not to say that I totally blame the companies for lending money to people who had no business borrowing or the people who had no business borrowing for doing so. I understand the motivations for both parties & hold them equally responsible & also hold the previous generation responsible for not teaching their children the ins & outs of $$$ better. & since we're on the subject I hold the education system responsible: I think $ ed should be taught completely, as well as sex ed. SERIOUSLY. Even if you only spend one semester on it in highschool there is a better chance of people understanding it better as adults if they are at least exposed to it all once. & I'm not saying that legally the candidates are even allowed to do that w/ the money - I just think it would be hilarious if they did.

OK so mudslinging - I hate it. I hate having to do fact checks to find out the validity of an ad or article.

& for the record I think it is complete bullshit to slur the names of the candidate you dislike - purposefully mispronouncing Obama or McCain's name. I've heard hundreds of variations of both names & I just think it is garbage -yes, it chaps my ass. I think I hear it most from my father's age group & above. I get it. I get the purpose, that the guy is so worthless that you can't even be bothered to get his name correct. To me it just sounds like you are an idiot. I refer to them both equally. They are both running for the same office & currently hold the same office. they are Senator Obama and Senator McCain. NOT Obamalamadingdong & McShame. I'm just letting you know I find it immature & stupid & it makes you look immature and stupid - so stop it. Grow the fuck up and deal with them as other human beings - if you have a point to make, make it. Tell me you disagree with Sen. Obama's economic plan or you disagree with Sen. McCain's ideas on healthcare. Tell me how it effects you, tell me the pros & cons as you see them effecting your life. I want to know, I want as much real information as possible. I want to make the best most informed decision that I can. I want to know all the possible consequences for my actions. As I'm writing this I realize the name thing is just a cheapshot & I guess I was raised better than that - cheapshots have no place in politics. There is too much at risk. Kind of like taking a cheapshot at the wars we are fighting = not funny, too many lives on the line. There are too many lives on the line in these elections & I think more people need to sit the fuck up, shut the fuck up, pay some fucking attention, and make informed decisions. THEN THEY NEED TO VOTE. I don't care who you vote for. Just be informed by more than a cheapshot and outright lie when you do it.

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