Urban sprawl

Seriously w/ urban sprawl these days does it exist anywhere that the landscape goes from countryside to giant city (complete w/ skyscapers) rising up in the middle of nowhere?  I'm watching the first disc of "Birds of Prey" - mostly because I didn't watch the series when it was on & the concept intrigues me.  & New Gotham rises up out of the plains & the thought crosses my lil brainpan that I want to go see a city like that - to go from nothing to everything - & I don't have that anywhere near me or anywhere I've ever been - there are always suburbs, always the growth of the density of buildings slowly as it builds up to the city center.  I'm just curious.

** Added at 22:30 - The series is harrible.  really really bad.  Dina Meyers is wonderful as always - but I hate the show.  Just thought I'd share/cut you off in case you were about to warn me about it.

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