Iron Chef America tonight

Battle Cheddar Cheese - All I can think of is Chicken Cheddar Chutney Crepes from the lil crepe place by Johnny Mangos - i don't even know - since they changed management - if they still serve them.  God, they were good - just the right blend of flavors - perfectly cooked chicken breast chunks, a gingery hot mango chutney - full of chunks, heat, & sweetness, and the perfectly melted cheddar cheese inside, not too much and not too little: just right.  A little glaze of the chutney swiped across the top of the hot crepe.  I just thought I'd share.  If you know the place - go & let me know if they still make them.  If you don't - dream of it for me my minions & figure out a way to make them for me & earn my eternal gratitude.

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