South Park is in my soul

"Breast Cancer Show Ever"  aired tonight & my breasts hurt.  Just tender and hurty - I'm not sure how I feel about the new birth control pills - I'm at the end of the first month & in case you missed the update last month I'm now on the Saisonique - the special pills to make it so that I only bleed once a quarter.  Which will be intense & terrible (fair warning).  I am noticing that I'm a lil on the irritable and weepy side & my stress levels have been really nutsy lately.  & on a side note - the first week of December my ofc is moving - for realsies.  I am hoping (pretty please) that the suspension at the Solstice also comes with some luvins for me because I think by then I will need some extra love.  I could use love now.

I could use a good pair of hands to curl up w/ me & hold my breasts.  not the sexe or pinchy - just pressure - not the bra kind of pressure - but hands.  


Indychick said...

OK, so you know I LOVE Matt & Trey, and I have been eagerly awaiting this season, due to all the SHIT happening with the election & economy, etc. I loved the Breast Cancer Show Ever ("distant mammary", heeheehee). That being said, I am ashamed to say that I am slightly disappointed in M&T so far. The raping of Indiana Jones DID make me almost piss my pants, but I was REALLY looking forward to some Giant Douche vs. Terd Sandwich type of election episode. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT implying they have lost their touch. However, I am shocked that with all the ammo they have toward BOTH parties, that they haven't started out with something better. C'mon, Palin alone gives them all sorts of material. Not to mention the current economic situation. I know there is still one week left B4 the election and they left us with a cliff hanger this week, and i REALLY hope that they are saving the big one for this week. Perhaps they are just waiting until after the election, but why? I also realize that yours was not an invite to vent about M&T, but "like a breast cancer victim, there is something I need to get off my chest."

Jezcabelle said...

I've been wondering the same myself - that Palin hasn't made it on the show yet is shocking to me.