All I want right now is quiet.  call me if you want to drop by.  I want sleep - please for more than 3 hours straight.  I want rest.  Just quiet so I can sleep.  Friday and Saturday were both broken up by family nonstop & Sunday the after effects of the same family.  Today people called all day & I love you the people who called.  I just want sleep.  please.  Sleep.  Sweet blissful sleep.  sleep to heal.  Then I will sort out the rest of the world.  With a knife if I have to.  

Just give me 2 days of peace.  To sort my head & life & most of all my body.


Jules said...

Get some sleep and heal up. That is all you're allowed to do.

I saw the Weinermobile today on my drive to Chattanooga. It made me giggle.

Jezcabelle said...

Yay - now I want hot dogs - mmmm...

Brenda D. Baker said...

Wishing you sweet silence. :)
I remember that surgery- It hurts way more than people think. It's not the incisions or whats removed- its all the freaking stretching, poking, expanding, and scraping they do inside.

I feel for you, and I will call later when you have had rest.

Drink loads of water- I had some horrible adhesion on the right side incision and it was horrible for almost a month. WATER WATER WATER you hear me. :)j

Loves You- DREAM WELL!

Jezcabelle said...

yes - they took endo off as far up as my stomach. & I am drinking water. & trying to sleep. just breathing.