The surgeon managed to do the whole thing laparoscopically = I have 4 incisions on my abdomen.  He got out the growth without taking the ovary.  I have all of my bits & pieces except for the growth and the endometriosis that he scraped out.  It hurts.  A lot.  I DO NOT HAVE CANCER!!! - oh happy day.  My brain is still reeling - I will be writing more as I can.  Right now I am going to lie back down.  I just wanted to make sure this intel was out there as well.  Only downside is that we've discovered that I am allergic to Versed - YAY another thing on the list of allergies. My hand that had the IV in it is still a bit more poofy than the 2nd IV site on my other arm.  The incisions and IV sites are healing well - as well as can be anyway.

Overall I'm safe & healing.  THANK YOU for every thought, wish, spell, prayer, energy, and intention that you have sent my way.  I was relaxed & comfortable throughout the experience.  Seriously I am not complaining.  I think that using the mind/body coach was the best idea ever - I've come through this feeling overall very good.


Anonymous said...

We heart you!!! Do you have some raspberry leaf tea yumminess? It will help you heal faster.:) Take care, talk to you soon.

Jezcabelle said...

Thank you & yes I do & I am - finally got more than an hour's straight to sleep today. I'll be trying to sleep. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to drive a few blocks tween drug hits & grab a couple of grocery type items.

Anonymous said...

Love you so much. Glad you are alive. Both of us are sending you love and healing energy. It's blue.
-Ira & Rebecca

Jezcabelle said...

So that's where that blue was coming from... ];-}~~

I love you guys so much, thank you for taking the time to be there with me for it all. We will talk soon about how the rest of the weekend went. Right now I am going to lie back down & pray for the pain to lessen.