I've slept

more this weekend than the entire week after the surgery combined. So very good for me. I am currently awake from my second nap of the day. Tomorrow I am going in to work for a few hours. It should be lovely. I actually socialized today - for the first time since the surgery: Jules & I went to brunch at Mangos & it was lovely. Fresh watermelon margaritas, chorizo-potato-cheese omelet, and freshly baked cornbread - truly the stuff of legends, or just summertime on the northcoast. I have missed her company like crazy. I've missed simple human contact like crazy. Friday I stopped by my old job to give them a thank you card for the card they sent me before surgery. It was so nice w/ the hugs & love.

I remember what I was doing last year at this time & I have to say that I am really happy to be the me that I am now. Living the life that I have now. No regrets. Though the dreams have been strange lately. I think I need to sit down & sort them all out. Overall good feelings upon waking, but I think I'm looking for something.


Jules said...

Hey! Nice picture...I wonder where you found it?

Jezcabelle said...

I told u exactly what I would do with it - though I linked it back to Mangos in the hopes of keeping them in business. I love you

Catzia said...

That is one large margarita... I don't even like watermelon flavored stuff, but that still sounds and looks yummy as hell!

Jezcabelle said...

Oh no, not watermelon "flavored" ookie, Real fresh watermelon juice, from real fresh watermelons + tequilla + a bit of triple sec = heaven. Though they are also currently serving pomegranate margaritas right now - same recipe only w/ fresh pomegranate juice.