ok i'm up

I'm trying to sleep - I suck.  So I'm watching tv.  May sweeps & all.  I think that I'm just pissy & all the shows this year are really good sex - with a great big interruption (think police show up before the restraints are out but you've already negotiated for damage & clothes are coming off - but you deal with the cops @ the door because they have the wrong addy or whatever - takes longer than u wanted but damned aren't u glad to slide back into bed) - think writer's strike.  & now you're back, you are happy, it's building nicely a few little orgasms, both of you building to the parts you like best... & now it is fucking May & they are all rushing to the end.  Cumming long before you get the fun you were expecting.  Rude motherfuckers.  Rolling over leaving you in the wet spot & grabbing your batteries as they head home for the night tossing a "you knew what this was" over his shoulder.

I WATCH TV.  I LIKE TV.  I KNOW I SUCK - I WAS CHEERING WHEN THE CHUNKY CHICK WON AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL THIS CYCLE.  I had a fangirl moment today hearing Starbuck tell her husband, "frak me" as I caught up on BSG.  I am crowned queen of the year because I remember the newstory that tonight's Law & Order episode was based on & called it as so messed up that even L&O would have a problem w/ continuity.  Took more dialogue to explain it than to actually run thru the charges.  I watch the news with an eye to which series will pull which stories.  I am that girl.  This is all second nature - no brains involved.  

I'M JUST PISSED THERE ISN'T BETTER TV TO WATCH RIGHT NOW.  & truth I know Rose Tyler is about to show up on the Dr & I still have to see Catherine Tate.  & Pushing Daisies is off til Fall.  I'm just saying.  aside from $4/gal gas prices I'm a hateful lil creature.  

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