4.5 hours

Kicked my ass today at work. & the patient flow was low & there was only 6.5 hundred things to catch up on. So I took it slow myself & organized & took things home to work on tomorrow & I'm going in on Monday for about 4 hours. Then Tuesday I am doing at least 8 hours (Bobbie is doing a class that day & is kind enough to come in & relieve me in the evening so I am not killing myself) then Wednesday I am shooting for 8, Thursday 8 or more. Friday & Saturday we do not have patients so I will probably go in to make up the rest of the 40 hours (or whatever I am up to) & really get the office caught up at least one of those days.

My digestive tract is running back on track again. Yummy fiberlicious diet. DiFranco is the cutest curled up next to me. There is Burger competition on FoodNetwork so I am craving delicious hamburgers - like I want to trek to Red Robin or even Fridays - mmm thinking of a burger w/ their Jack Daniels sauce, caramelized onions reduced w/ the sauce, less crisp but not tough bacon, & avocado lime greens would be freaking delicious. & not a giant burger but a maybe half-inch thick patty of good quality beef w/ a maybe 30/70 fat/lean ratio. & not huge maybe the diameter of a regular burger from a chain fast food place. & fries from Red Robin. Not a lot just a few. I'm not eating big portions these days.

Did I mention that I'm down 15 lbs tween the regular goodness & the surgery - kind of nice. Bruising on my abdomen surfacing today as well.

Side, sidebar: In case I haven't mentioned it to you lately: I love you. Rebecca & Ira - I miss u 2 so much. Jules, you are like a freaking rock & dammit I need that sometimes. My new coworkers, the most supportive & wonderful situation. My old co-workers, still there for me & making with the love for me & I need that. Brenda, Chris, Meca, Kate, Matt - I miss you like crazy, but just as we've always been dolphins fucking, showing up in front of each other at just the right moments in our lives. Junior, I'm so freakin proud of you I've shed tears. Toby, my friend I can't begin to tell you how much I heart you in my life. Kate, other Kate, long tall Kate - I'd love to call you stabilizing then I remember all of our time together & all I can say is that I don't know what I would do without you. Gods Nevin I miss your dirty hippie ass. Sarah - Lordie how do we manage to still know each other so well all this time. Laurie, my love for you knows no boundaries. There are more than this. I just haven't said all that in a while.

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