What price the cost?

4,000 of us lost.
80,000 to 90,000 of them lost.
How many injured on the inside, the outside, will we ever know?

The news just told me that Washington's statement released said that the plans in place will bring about changes that are worth the cost of these lives.

How is that possible?
How can that be?
What is worth that many lives?

Where is the public outrage - the screaming in the streets? the broken lives in every set of eyes?

We are all too busy working. Too busy trying to make enough money to get enough gas to make it to the next paycheck. It is really the perfect combination. We are too busy trying to keep our homes and groceries and lifestyles to complain too loudly or notice too clearly. Too worried about everything else.

Today I roll from side to side in my little box in a drug induced haze - so happy for the meds. I've been bleeding for 2 weeks now - I dread returning to increased pain tomorrow, but my limbs are intact, I'm still alive. Just baffled by all of this.


Derek said...

4000 volunteered to do that job and live that life. We as a citizen are paying the government to make these decisions for us. I feel sad and sorry that how those families will be without sons and daughters, but I have hope the world will be a safer place then it was before.

Jezcabelle said...

& how many were lied to to get them to make that choice?

How many were in such dire economic straights that it "only made sense" to enlist?

& when has war ever made things safe? Even the fall of Hitler and the end of WWII brought unspeakable devastation and brand new fantastic ways for us to kill, torture, and maim eachother.

Derek said...

What lie whould that be? I don't know of anyone that joins the army because they are poor. The army isn't an alternative to wellfare or foodstamps.
I do feel much safer knowing that we are less likely to have some shitheads flying planes into our buildings.
Well I guess the Jews have nothing to be happy for. We did end the holocaust.

Jezcabelle said...

I do know people who have enlisted in the services because they are poor, or to deal w/ insurmountable debts or generally horrific economic situations. It is not an alternative to welfare or foodstamps but it is an alternative to a college you can't afford or working at Walmart and getting no where. If you truly believe that no current servicemen/women were lied to to get them to sign up you haven't spent enough time listening to them.

I don't feel any safer knowing that we've done nothing to actually prevent that from happening again (911) and that the hate we are breeding overseas will come back on us one day. Afterall we did train such a high % of the people we are now fighting.

As to the WWII - my point wasn't what ended - it was what went on. & continue that today in Africa - er do we not give a damned about them because they aren't white? Afterall the scars of genocide directed at the indigenous peoples here are still clearly viewed.

And on a side note since you've decided - goddess only knows why to read my writing - would you care to introduce yourself or just hang out hidden to have your further comments deleted. Not for what you say but because I don't know you.