Best thing ever

@ my ultrasound today the tech turned the monitor & I watched my bladder fill up - ehhemmm I WATCHED MY BLADDER FILL UP!!! It was freakin awesome. Tthe pic below kinda shows what I saw - only it has a fistula which is why in the pic the black space in the middle isn't shaped like the perfect onion-shape that mine is. & in mine both ureters were spurting into the bladder - this shows just one mid-spurt, in between spurts it just looks like an empty space - I wish I had mine on video - It was the visual of what I was feeling going on inside me - ME! - MY INNARDS!!! Just awesome. BEST PELVIC & TRANSVAGINAL ULTRASOUND EVER!!!


Jules said...

You are a nut. Watching yourself make pee gets you excited. You may need help

Jezcabelle said...

Not excited just watching pee being made - but the fact that it is ME!!! - mine - my innards the parts that I never get to see - it is like if you never saw a mirror and finally got to see what your face looked like. Of course only a few other peeps get to see my innards, but I am so excited when I get to because I want to know more about my body - after all it is the only thing in this world that I can truly call mine.