On the war

The anniversary of the start of the war. I don't have eloquent rants, I don't have anything but deep wrenching sobs that come from the center of my chest and rip forth from my lips. I think FeartheReaper sums it up pretty well. Somewhere tween the pain and the fear and the loss and the destruction I get lost. I don't understand on some base level why this is happening. And not that it is some far off thing. Thanks to my mother's choice of history classes during her Bachelor's I grok Vietnam as much as a childe my age can possibly understand it. But this, I have no words. I have nothing left but pain. And I know there is no answer, no goal, no safe and easy way out or through. I have fear for those I love and those innocents. I don't understand. I don't get how we became so self-centered, so closed-minded, so lost in our own greed. Just so damned blind.

I hear Alabama 3 ringing in my head -
"sing a song for the asylum seeker
for the frightened baby on some foreign beach
you'd better bang a gong and pray
they reach a safe harbour"


Anonymous said...

I realize that most people in the US do not know or even remember Iraqi Freedom Day. So, as a little reminder, April 9th is now and forever will be Iraqi Freedom Day. Look it up.

That day we stormed Bagdad and freed Iraq from an evil dictator that was only concerned about himself and oil.

To quote great song, “America F**K Yeah!”
Let freedom ring in there ears!!!!

New Ira

Jezcabelle said...

ahhh new Ira & just far enough away that i can't hit you

Miss you despite the pork rinds dipped in tinned meat product i'm sure you are eating ];-*