ahhh first vote of this national election year...

"Imagine you're locked in a huge underground nightclub filled with sinners, whores, freaks and unnameable things that rape pitbulls for fun. and you ain't allowed out until you all vote on what your'e going to do tonight. You like to put your feet up and watch "Republican Party Reservation." They like to have sex with normal people using knives, guns, and brand new sexual organs that you did not know existed. So you vote for television and everyone else, as far as your eyes can see, votes to fuck you with switchblades. That's voting - any questions?"
-Ellis via Spider Jerusalem

So I voted in the primary today instead of tomorrow since I will have to be on the way to work when the polls open and on the way home from work when they close tomorrow.

I hate the state of things. Just for the record.


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