Fuck this

OK I am not an angel. In the contemporary Judeo-Christian-Islamic sense of the word. But seriously "NEW deadly sins"? Seriously. Shouldn't there be less? - Doesn't ALL of it just boil down to treating other people the way you'd like to be treated? Isn't it obvious? Hmmmm it is interesting though that the party line for so long has been that the Earth and all it contains is there for man's use. Which has meant that it is to be used & discarded w/ no thought to the future for the longest time. Interesting but leaves me pissy - I just do not like anything that has come out of the new pope. I'm hanging here waiting on pins & needles wondering why blowjobs and buttsex weren't on the list. When will the whole of the law be "an ye harm none"? When will it not "boil down to" but actually be "respect and tolerate"?

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