I'm up

Hurts - inside. Physically.

Emotionally I'm crying a lil. Just struck by the memory of sitting up in the middle of the night and someone missing me in bed. I want a warm body to curl up with. DiFranco is perched over me on the comforters purring in that lil half purr half meow he does trying to sort out why I am not sitting still enough for him to sleep on. I had a really nice vid/talk visit w/ Moik overseas. I've accepted the invitation to go salsa dancing next weekend & I am eyeing flights to New Orleans - least to bring him to me to find out the possibility.

& yet I feel very very alone right now. not lonely - wanting company. Just alone feeling it, taking it out & trying it on like an old pair of jeans that I forgot to wash so they slide on like an old lover hugging my curves, caressing my flesh.


Jules said...

You can go to New Orleans not the other way around. That way if unknown weirdo behavior rears its ugly head you can go kick it with Junior. Sweet Jesus, I sound like my mom.

Jezcabelle said...

You don't sound like your mom, you sound like me. A safe sane and consensual me. Because if you were in my shoes that is exactly what I would be saying to you.

Thank you