OK, I got a call this morning (early) from a hiring manager at the Cleve Clinic. She wanted to set up an interview with me So we did (Friday morning - happy thoughts). I of course called the bossman about the other position (the one I want) and of course he was not happy to hear that no one had contacted me. Apparently the higher management has decided to not give them a PSR instead they are allowed to hire a billing complier - he recommended that I go see if I qualify for that position and let me know that under no uncertain terms if they get a green light in the future that I am on the top of his list - I joked that I'd end up @ the Clinic one way or another - he said he would hunt me down and make sure that I'm top pick for it. He also reminded me to email & let him know as soon as I do get in.

Grrrrrroawr, Ok, It makes no difference. In the sense that I would not have done a damned thing differently in the last week.

All for now, we wait.

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