I feel like a weight has been lifted

A huge weight.

Like i have been holding my breath underwater with a 2ton weight on my chest.

Waiting - I needed to know under or over and I have an answer I'm over. & I am. I freakin feel great. Lil trepidation about the future, but I think I can make this work. I hate hearing/seeing the pain in it - the changes in a bad way in a good man. I'm watching the Incredibles & I am planning a lil ritual cleansing for later tonight. I found my flash paper, but I have the marble bowl and the alcohol to burn down while I meditate.

I am rocking thru the bachelor hunt w/ 3 in the running right now. I will write up later the Turkey Day adventures breaking into the shopping concentration camp & the bachelor who decided that permission to kiss = permission to grope me and try to use my breasts as stress balls. He is gone already - in fact that was the whole story, but he was also east indian and had not sorted out deodorant yet - so when we were close & he moved his arms it was ookie. very ookie.

OK back to the drawing board.

Someday my zombie will come?

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