Oh Saturday

I am curled up watching Event Horizon - it's been a really long time & I do enjoy many of the actors in it - knitting Toby's hat - I'll finish it today, enjoying the Darvocet - the pain is pretty intense today, I've had the TENS unit on twice now and it feels like someone injected knots into my PSIS (Posterior Superior Iliac Spine - er rather those 2 divits on the back of ur hips one on each side of ur spine - prolly tender to the touch), DiFranco is curled up next to me being uber cuddly. I'm putting off watching Daywatch cause I want to have a very clear head to enjoy it. I rewatched half of Nightwatch last night - I'm picking up a lot of little things now that I've finished the Daywatch novel. I've caught up on the tv shows that my DVR has lovingly saved for me: I am in love with Pushing Daisies. I am so happy Nip/Tuck is back that I almost cried - even as the opening credits started, I felt the stress melting away as the voice came on singing,"make me... beautiful" I've missed it a lot. I'm not even harboring any major complaints about the shows I usually watch: despite Tom Selleck joining the cast, Vegas is getting a lil extra goofy. I'm eagerly awaiting the return of Law & Order, the CSI's are keeping my attention, even CSI NY - I've finally gotten into it completely. I like the Bionic Woman and Next Top Chef. Go Mike Symon!!!

I am looking foward to finishing up the court thing this week (cross ur fingers & say your prayers for Wednesday), I'm taking donations. I am hoping that I will hear from the Clinic this week. The position is off of the help wanted list so they have filled it, but in my rundown it has not gotten a lil "sorry good luck in ur job hunt" note so I just don't know if it is filled w/ me or not. I hope so - it would be such a good thing. & of course there is snow in the forecast for this week. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

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