I'm in love with Fearnet

the lil Video on Demand bit on my cable service has a freezone (no cost luv) and usually there is muck all to watch on it - last month TNT was offering "Ghosts of Mars" whenever I wished to view it. BUT now there is FearNet, and I have a choice of like 30 horror movies from "See No Evil" to either of "The Blob"s. I am so happy to have horror on in the background. I'm gonna make some chili - using the last of my ground venison and venison sausage. mmm simmering in the crockpot all night. & I can toss the last of the Pinot Noir into it. I've also found a solution to the high sodium levels in canned refried beans: I found a dehydrated mix so I can cook up as much or as little as I want to go on my chips - this brings me joi, of course I also have control over how thick they are. Then at some point I've been promised a trip to the candy store, I love the smells - only looking for maybe little hard candies, but I like the idea of all the candy at my fingertips, make me feel a little Dot, as in Dot Warner, as in Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. I think later I'll put in Animaniacs and giggle. mmm giggle

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