I heart flypaper

I don't know what it is about the cleaning I've been doing - maybe having the doors open too much - maybe my upstairs neighbor is evil and sent them to me. I don't know. I have had flies, big black - not the fruit variety flies buzzing about my apt. The only smells are the ones of disinfectant. Only for the last week or so - w/ ample food available by eating off the cat's food and litterbox they have survived. Today i picked up some flypaper - I hung it in my living room - I had spied 2 flies in here earlier - and within not even 30 mins - it had caught 3 flies. I moved it to the kichen (by the catfood) and it caught 2 more in less than 10 mins - I just hung it in the bathroom (near the litterbox) - and we'll see - so far the other rooms look flyfree. I am soooo happy. No chemicals, little mess, and no more flies - ahhhh. I just thought I'd share this is the best thing that has happened all day. Seriously - that flypaper did it's very limited job and actually worked - is the BEST thing that has happened so far.

And yes, Toby - after midnight I will be watching the wonderful Dr Who and enjoying it officially tomorrow - cause today was so bad I don't want the good Dr associated with it.

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