They say

It's my birthday. I've been around now for almost 30 years - more musings later after the booze. On the other hand yesterday would have been my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary. 33 years. My father died about a week and a half before their 30th anniversary. Mom sounds good. It is just one of those days. It was hard not to remember them together. Not that I haven't seen my mom alone in the last 3 years, but in my head they are inseperable. They were like 2 teenagers in love, going steady right up until he died. I guess I'm trying to express that I'm not as young as I used to be, and if I am lucky enough to find myself in a relationship like my parents' relationship - I will be truly blessed. Conversely I really think I sleep alone most night because I am still looking for that, and nothing else will suffice. I had strange dreams last night about the guy I was seeing last summer, and a guy I knew in highschool. Very strange. Not luveydovey dreams - just complicated - cause mine always are.

On that note we (large mass of my wonderful friends) will be at Johnny Mangos tonight for a b-day celebration/luv for me. I am so pleased everyone in my crazed world - well at least some of them - can meet. And a random bachelor has decided to drop by. Dunno how that is going to go, but he insisted. I warned him that I prolly wouldn't be looking for him, or have any extra time to spend w/ him since I really want to see and spend time with my friends. Right now I am cleaning and just feeling the love and getting lost in the memories. Last year it was Tim, Laurie, Jared, Jeff, Shawn in Paia, Maui, Hawaii at a bar down the block from Laurie's place, and shots of Patron. This year should be interesting. I'll be the one in the flowery girlie shirt.

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