So, he's dead...

Steve Irwin has finally died. And it couldn't be more tragic, more of a freak accident. He got stung by a stingray. Couldn't be a snakebite, shark bite, head smashed while wrestling a croc... Nope, couldn't even just be the poison from the stingray coarsing thru his veins. The barb pierced his heart. PIERCED HIS HEART. Whether the blade be poisoned or not getting stabbed in the heart usually does one in for good. The news is making it waaay more sensational than it should be. A great man is dead. He worked his whole life in the names of environmentalism and conservation of our natural resources, not just the cuddly ones. Although he always brought the laughter, I feel far more gratitude and respect for him. My heart breaks for his remaining wife and 2 children. The only consolation I can find is that he lived as he died, fearless, educating, and moving ever forward.

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